What is SoundShoots?

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SoundShoots was a creative music platform that provided producers with fresh inspiration (known as a Seed) from which to create new music. The project has now ended, but will rise again as a brand new platform in January 2015. Watch this space.

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The core benefit of engaging with SoundShoots is that it's an enjoyable way of creating new music, of which you maintain 100% ownership. You are free to respond to the SoundShoots themes in any way you like and you are free to promote and publish your tracks beyond what's available through SoundShoots.

Share your ideas

Once you've created and uploaded a response to our given theme, your track will be available to share from your SoundShoots profile page, which acts as a creative portfolio of your ideas. In addition to this your track will also be showcased on our public Explore page for our site visitors to enjoy.

Win Prizes!

As standard, each theme provides with you the opportunity to win blog exposure on the SoundShoots blog , a pair of exclusive SoundShoots headphones and a commercial opportunity of some description...